Tuesday, February 08, 2005
  Condi knows NFL Football

The Washington Post has a nice article about Condoleeza Rice’s longtime love for ‘football’ and her deep knowledge of it. It ends with her prediction for the Super Bowl: Patriots by 3 after a late field goal by Adam Vinatieri. She got the margin exactly right, and Mr Vinatieri did kick a field goal in the last quarter. Is that impressive or what?

(I put football in scare quotes because of the six football codes I am aware of, Gridiron least deserves that name. Soccer, the game most of the world calls “football”, is all about kicking the ball (or heading it after someone else kicks it). Australian Rules and Gaelic Football rely on a mixture of kicking and handballing (AFL) or throwing (Gaelic Football). Like NFL, Rugby Union and Rugby League allow laterals; unlike NFL, laterals and kick-and-chase tactics play a vital part in the game. End of snark.)
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